La gualchiera
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Il rudere della Gualchiera
La Gualchiera
The country house underwent several alterations and expansions during the years, as well as recent superfetations. From late 1800s to early 1900s some of the rooms were used as flour mill and gualchiera (wool fulling mill), showing evidence of aquifer in the proximity of the house; indeed there were a pond and a well too. The aim of the project, developed from an accurate measurement of the state of the art, was preserving the shell and the spirit of the rural architecture characterized by semplicity and pureness of spaces, making usable this little jewel of the past in perfect armony with the surrounding and the landscape.

POR-FESR 2007-2013
The project of renovation of La gualchiera won the announcement "POR–FESR" (Regional Operating Plan–European Fund for Regional Development). This fund has been established in order to enhance the territorial patrimony, highlighting its peculiarities and combining public and private interest, through the rediscovery of local knowledge and economy.

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